Zoey - Retired
Zoey is our Fawn female w/ black mask with some white. 31" at withers.120 lbs.Outgoing, lovable and smart . She is Akc & Ckc registered. She is sweet, but very stubborn at times. She has a high energy level and is a lot of fun. She is very smart and likes going bye bye. She is 100% American Dane and has many Blue & Merle in her 5 year pedigree. D.O.B. 8/27/2009. Zoey was retired March 2014 and will remain at ~Paw~mer Danes.

  Vada is our Reverse Brindle Female. She loves attention and is very mellow. She has a very laid back personality. She is soo sweet & gentle and easy going. She is my little flower child. Vada is approx. 32" at withers and 135 lbs. Akc & Ckc registered.She has a very solid build. Her lines are almost completely Fawn/Brindle in her 3 year pedigree (1 blue). She is 100% American Dane. D.O.B. 9/22/2010

  Dosha is our Harlequin Female. She is a big goof ball and loves to play. She has to be by your side 24/7 or she is whining. She loooves the water and will get in it every chance she gets (even the shower if you don't close the door). She is so very sweet an a very good cuddle buddy at bedtime too.Dosha is a very big girl. She is approximately 150 lbs & 34" at withers. Akc & Ckc registered. She is 100% American in her 3 year pedigree. D.O.B. 5/09/2012


Jenzie is a complete sweetheart. Very loving and gentle. She is nicknamed our goat because she will climb on top of anything. Jen Jen as we call her, has the biggest heart an a very laid back personality. She is 100% American. D.o.b. 7/30/2013


Remi was whelped here at Pawmer Danes by our late 100% mantle Chronic, an our 100% American fawn Zoey. She is outgoing, smart an a very fast learner. She loves me as if I was her own mother. Remi is 50% Euro. D.o.b. 3/22/14

Idgie is our gorgeous fawnequin female with crystal blue eyes. She is definitely a blonde lol. She will keep you in stitches. She is definitely a lover girl. Idgie has a heart of gold and loves everyone. She is a very big girl and still growing. We are very excited to have her in our pack. Her D.o.b. is 2/25/2015


Syhrie is our beautiful blue female with blue eyes. She is a little shy right now until she warms up... then she will lick your face off. She is very sweet and has fit into our pack perfectly. She has a nice heavy structure and will be a big girl. She is 37.5% Euro. D.o.b. 7/1/15.


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