Puppy Contract

           Puppy Contract for ~PAW~MER DANES      

           6072 Germantown Rd. Dayton, Ohio 45417


            Email: pawmerdanes@yahoo.com

                Website: http://pawmerdanes.webs.com


Buyer Information:

Full Name: ________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

City: ________________State: ________Zip: ____________

Phone: _________________ Email: ____________________

Akc#  __________________________

Ckc#  __________________________

This contract is made and entered into on ____________  ___ , 20___ by Angela Palmer (seller) and

____________________________ (buyer) for the purchase of a Female____ Male____ CKC___ AKC___ registered

Full Registration:_____  Limited Registration:______

Great Dane puppy that was born on ____________ and is ______________________________(color/markings)

which is bred from _________________________ (dam) & _____________________(sire)                                  

Terms of Agreement

All deposits for the puppy are NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason except in the case that the puppy dies while in the care of the seller. The deposit will then be reimbursed to the buyer or applied to the purchase of another puppy.

Total Purchase Price: $______________

Deposit: $________________ Paid on:________________

Balance Due: $_________________  Date to be paid in full :____________________

The remaining balance of purchase price will be due upon the pick-up date. If the puppy is not picked up by the pick up date or other arrangements have not been made then the deposit is forfeited by the buyer and the puppy will then become available for sale.

Your pup has been given his/her first puppy vaccinations, has been de-wormed regularly and the dates of these treatments have been recorded in your PETS HEALTH RECORD.  Take this record and your puppy to the veterinarian of your choice for his/her next set of shots and worming and to also receive instructions on continuing care and vaccination schedule.  Seller warrants that the puppy is healthy at the time of purchase.

Buyer is responsible for regular veterinary care, including the remainder of the initial series pf puppy vaccinations, rabies vaccine and periodic de-worming necessary to maintain the health of the puppy.  The Buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm prevention and appropriate age related care, a quality diet, as well as a clean and safe environment.

No money shall be refunded.  At no time is seller responsible for any veterinary bills after this dog/puppy is purchased and taken home.  This puppy is bred to be a companion animal and an affectionate family member.

*Buyer is to keep Seller updated on all changes in information such as address and phone number.  Buyer is to send updated pictures to seller monthly for the first year and periodically after the first year.* 

At NO time shall this puppy/dog be Homeless, Neglected, Living outdoors, Living in a shelter or without Veterinarian Care. ~Paw~mer Danes will agree to take this puppy back at Anytime without cost at the buyers request. Please Contact Us!

At NO time shall this puppy be bred unless bought on Full Registration.

At No time shall Buyer/Owner:  Sell, Re-home, Give away or any other reason to take the puppy from it's original contracted home unless agreed to by Angela Palmer of  Pawmer Danes. A new contract MUST be signed by new owner(s) if agreed upon.

Pawmer Danes has the right to remove this dog at anytime if owners do not abide by this contract and/or are deemed to be neglectful. If you are taken to court or your dog gets removed from your home, all court proceedings will reside in the county of the breeder and you will be responsible for all court fees as well as attorney fees for the breeder Angela Palmer.

We have read, understood and agree to the above terms.

Buyer(s) Signature: _________________________________ Date:_________________

             Signature: _________________________________  Date:_________________

Seller Signature: ___________________________________Date:__________________





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