In memory of the very loved pets who have crossed the "Rainbow Bridge".

*TYSON* (TY) We lost TY on April 1st 2016 at only 6 months old. We had him at the vet 4 different times for his care before having to make the unbearable decision of having to put him down. We believe he was poisoned. The vet did the common poisoning tests for anti freeze & rat poisoning but that was not it. Unless we knew what it was it was unable to be detected. Ty was such a loving, sweet, gentle soul. We only had him a short period of time but he was a deep part of our heart and he is deeply missed! He will forever be a part of us!

*CHRONIC*  It breaks my heart to post that our Chronic (Biggen) is actually gone. We lost Chronic March 18th 2015 to bloat/torsion. His stomach flipped and caught his spleen in the process. We rushed him to the vet and during x rays before emergency surgery he quit breathing and was tubed. They were breathing for him until we said good bye...their was nothing they could do now because he wouldn't even live through the anesthesia. He was the most amazing dog in the world! He was one of my children. We were inseparable until the day I lost him. He filled some very big shoes and I will FOREVER miss him!! My heart aches everyday. Some say he was just a dog.... I say apparently you didn't know my best friend! <3

* MAC * 
One of our puppies from our 1st litter has passed over the "Rainbow Bridge". He was tragically killed in an accident Labor Day Weekend 2012.

* 2 Dot *
We lost our very loved horse on 8/21/13


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