Spay/Neuter Contract  


The following agreement is between

Angela Palmer (breeder) AKA Pawmer Danes,

hereafter referred to as "Seller", and _____________________________,

hereafter referred to as "Purchaser".

Name or (Collar Color) ______________________

COLOR: _______________________________    SEX: ______________

LITTER REG. NO.: ______________________     DOB: ______________

AKC #  ________________________________

CKC # _________________________________

SIRE: ____________________________    

DAM: ___________________________

Purchaser agrees to neuter/spay the puppy by 18 months. Akc papers will not be given until proof of spay/neuter. Purchaser agrees to supply Seller with a veterinarian's letter by certified mail as proof of a neuter/spay within 7 days. If Purchaser fails to neuter/spay this puppy and provide proof to the Seller by 18 months of age, rights and ownership of the dog will automatically terminate and revert back to Seller who may immediately assume possession of the dog. Seller's reasonable attorney's fees for recovery of the dog will be paid by the Purchaser.

It is understood by all parties to this agreement that this puppy of the above specified description is of pet quality. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this puppy will be registered by limited registration. In the event that the Purchaser does not have the puppy properly neutered/spayed, any offspring issuing from this pet-quality puppy are not eligible for registration with the AKC or CKC.


When to spay/neuter: Generally this should be done when your Dane puppy is 18 months. The older the dog, the more able it will be to withstand the anesthesia.

You will hear many ideas about spaying neutering. All I can do is tell you my experience with this and what I tell my puppy buyers. When males are neutered too young, before their hormones are full tilt, they do not gain the muscle that an adult male should have and look like a gangly puppy their whole life. I do not recommend neutering a male until at least 18 months of age.

As for females and spaying, there are two thoughts on this....one says to spay early so they do not develop breast cancer. In working with breeders, this is a rarity. But what is common, very common when you spay a bitch before she comes into season the first time, they almost always have are problems with incontinence and this is very hard to deal with.

This is also regulated by hormones and if they do not have the appropriate hormones present, they will dribble or wet the bed a night, even as a young female. SO......I tell my puppy buyers to let them be at least 18 months of age before they spay, again so their hormones are in gear. If they have a season before this, then you simply have to make arrangements for boarding them so they don't get breed.

When the girls come in season, give them Chlorophyll tablets daily, give a human dose but double dose it daily during the time they are in season (all 21 days). This will cut down on the odor, but NEVER leave them unattended at any time for the 3 weeks they are in season. NEVER!!

Also….NEVER spay a female during any of her estrus period. That means when she is coming into season, when she is IN season, and for the two months after! During those two (2) months after, her hormones could be raging which causes a false pregnancy. In her mind she is pregnant! They will often nest and have milk, as well as carry around a toy as if it were a puppy. During this 3+ month time period of total estrus (before, during, after), they should not have surgery done, UNLESS it is pyometria infection (uterine infection) or other life threatening reasons. They are very susceptible to bleeding to death (DIC) during surgery, if it is done at a time when her hormones are fluctuating. So plan your spay dates very carefully.

Why spay/neuter: Fixing your dog prevents pregnancy and the birth of unwanted puppies. It avoids the need to restrain the dog during estrus. It keeps both sexes from roaming away from your house in search of a mate. It reduces the tendency of male dogs to urinate in the house, marking his territory. Licensing fees are also cheaper. Additionally, it helps avoid reproductive-related problems such as tumors, pyometra, false pregnancy, prostate infections, and old-age cancers.

Why should this dog be spayed/neutered? Any puppy sold as a pet should not be bred. This is simply for the improvement and maintenance of the breeding line for Great Danes. Breeding is not to be done casually nor is it a money-making venture. Due to the large litters and problems with delivery (often necessitating cesareans), vet costs can be outrageous, not to mention the risks to the dam. By demanding that this pet-quality puppy be neutered/spayed, it avoids mass-production of pets being raised by back yard breeders, controls the already overblown dog population, and improves the overall purebred line.

This does not mean that this puppy is an inferior dog. This puppy is simply better suited as a pet than a breedable show dog. Given the proper amount of love and attention, nothing should prevent this puppy from becoming an excellent pet, “best friend” and important family member.

We the undersigned have read, understood and agree with the terms of this contract.


Seller: Angela Palmer                                                 Date

_________________________________     ______________

Purchaser (signature)                                                  Purchaser (full name printed)                                    Date

_________________________________     _________________________________        __________

Co-Owner (signature)                                               Co-Owner  (full name printed)                                    Date

_________________________________    __________________________________      __________

Complete Address of Purchaser  (including street, city, state and zip code)


Telephone number(s)                                                               Email address

Owner  _________________________                             _______________________________________

Co-Owner _______________________                            _______________________________________


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